+ House of the Rising Funk: my first band back in Berlin, three years with regular performances and a hot fan base. Album ‘tuff’ released in 1996
+ Jocelyn B. Smith: toured with this exceptional singer all over Germany as backing singer (had gigs with Marla Glenn, Candy Dulfer and others). Album ‘Live in Berlin’ released 1997
+ Aroma: getting to know the Greek crowd with excellent musicians
+ Jelly Groove: singer/co-songwriter in the dance act. Lots of concerts all over Greece under the sponsorship of AMSTEL Beer. one of them the ELITEmodel contest in Athens . Album ‘PRIMA FACIE’ in May 1999
+ Pulp Fiction: featuring this band in one of the most renowned rock clubs in Athens (Architektoniki) for 9 months three times a week. 2001: CD release ‘Live at Architektoniki’
+ working as a producer (check out the site at who collaborate with Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment.
+ Kaiti Garbi-P.Terzis (two big stars in Greece): 5 months in winter 2001/2 live in Athens Wed to Sun in the club Iera Odos
+ Exit Music: featuring this band in the Club22 in winter 02/03
+ Iro, Kanellidou, Aloupogiannis: live at Exodos Kindinou winter 02/03
+ Dimitris Kontopoulos: in 2003 recording with the producer for artists likeIro, Kaiti Garbi. As backing for the TV Eurovision Vardis
+ Phoibus: in 2003 recording with the producer for artists like Kokkinou,Lembesis and trailers for the TV channel ANT1 and the show Fame Story
+ Sakis Ruvas: in 2003 touring all over Greece as backing singer and opening the show
+ Papadopoulou, Giagkousi, Konstantinos: live at Piatsa in winter 03/04
+ Ioannis Papamichail: live at Anna Drouza’s TV show ‘Mporo’ on Fri,12.3.04 and Th,8.4.04
+ Lead vocals in SNB (Sorry No Bonus) playing Pop/Rock with the other members: Christos Vogiatzis (bass, vocals), Dimitris Sinogiannis (guitar), Marios Hatzichristos (keys, vocals), Dimitris Dimitriadis (keys), Panagiotis Aidinis (drums)
+ Giannis Savidakis: touring in Alexandroupoli, Thessaloniki, Volos, Larissa, Crete, Karditsa, Athens, Ioannina…
+ From 3.12.04 till 9.4.05 on every Thu to Sun at FEVER Club with Sakis Rouvas, Mazonakis and Helena Paparizou (Winner of the Eurovision Contest ’05)
+ Singing from Dec ’04 on with The Blues Bug whenever possible, for deeply funky disco nights… every Tuesday at Local in Kifissia (Olympiou & Christou Lada) in Jan-April ‘ 06
+ Spring ’05 every Wednesday at Ciro’s Pizza Pomodoro (Alopekis 9, Athens-Kolonaki, Phone: 210 7296 500-3)
+ Acoustic with Dimitris Sinogiannis, Dimitris Dimitriadis and Sotiris Panagou at Avlaia Club (Ilioupoli) whenever possible Wednesdaysaround 22:30 starting 26.10.05
+ From 2.12.05 on every Thu to Sun at REX Club with Despina Vandi andGeorgos Mazonakis
+ MAD Secret Concert with Despina Vandi & The Blues Bug on Sat. 15.4.06 for MAD TV station
+ Playing with the band BuZZ from summer ’06 on
+ Touring with Despina Vandi Summer ’06
+ At Boom Club in Thessaloniki with Despina Vandi, Gonidis from31.8.-30.9.06 thu to sun
+ Singing in the classical choir for Giannis Parios (greek superstar) @Athens Megaron from 22.03.-25.03.07 for his 35 years live CD where he is perfoming with the Orchester of Sofia conducted by Mis
+ Desperate Housewives (from 23.12.06 on)
vox – Antigone Tsiplakidis
guitar- Tolis Makrogiannis
keys – Giannis Kyfonidis/ Matheson Bailey / Giannis Tsioulakis
bass – Alex Simon
drums – Georgos Livadas / Kostas Liolios
+ Opening for and backing Anna Vissi (greek superstar) in her America andAfrica and Europe Tour from April ’07 on
+ Opening for and backing Thanos Petrelis in Greece, Cyprus andAustralia from Feb ’08 on
+ With Sakis Ruvas, the Maggiras Sisters & Cabin 54, @ STARZ Clubfrom 3.12.08 on every Thu, Fri and Sat
+ On tour with Sakis Ruvas in 2009.
+ On tour with Anna Vissi in 2009.
+ Featured in three songs on the just released “50/50” album of the rapper Midenistis.
Check them out here!
Mia agapi dynati,
Mas theloun,
Thee mou akou me (wrote lyrics)(Co-wrote some of the lyrics, whole album mixed by me @ The LOUNGE Recordings)
+ Several events with Midenistis